24th Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Foodstuffs, Drinks, Ingredients, Packaging And Equipment For Food Industry»

Astana, Kazakhstan«EXPO» IEC

24th Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Foodstuffs, Drinks, Ingredients, Packaging And Equipment For Food Industry»

Astana, Kazakhstan«EXPO» IEC


Veronika Talaban, Specialist, Chelyabinsk Region Export Support Center:

This is the first time we are taking part in the InterFood Astana exhibition. We really like it. We brought eight companies with different products. These are drinks, micro greens, packaging and food products. Our products are unique because they are made of natural ingredients, we are set and aim to supply it to the Kazakhstani market. We are first of all interested in the local market. We are very happy with this exhibition, there are companies from many countries: Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Armenia, all the countries we regularly cooperate with and want to maintain relations in the future. The exhibition is interesting with its interactives, interviews, various B2B meetings. Everything is great, the organization is perfect. Thank you very much!

Alexandra Averyanova, Export Director, EcoNiva:

EcoNiva is the number one company in the production of raw cow`s milk. We are located in Russia, Voronezh region. We brought milk and cheese to the InterFood Astana exhibition for tasting, to introduce them to the natives of Kazakhstan. We hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation with them. Yesterday was a great day, we had a lot of visitors, and we got great and qualitative feedback on our products. Everyone was delighted with our milk. Earlier, about six months ago, we participated in the HorexExpo Qazaqstan exhibition in Almaty. Thanks to it we have very many contacts and we subsequently concluded contracts.

Alexei Sorokin, International Business Development Manager, Fitness Food LLC:

I am very pleased to be here and represent our company at InterFood Astana. I was surprised by the fact that, despite the small size of the exhibition hall, there is a very intensive flow of visitors, and specifically targeted ones, who are interested in cooperation and finding partners. We have entered in more than 30 contacts in the last day and conducted a great number of negotiations. We see great interest in our products from Kazakhstani part, from chains, distributors and wholesale clients. Besides, it turned out to be very useful that Astana is geographically convenient for visiting all our potential and existing partners from Northern and Central Kazakhstan. Since not everyone can come to Almaty, many came to Astana. Here we saw that the potential of our product is very big, we did not expect so much interest. Thanks to events like this, our brand and production becomes better known, and we have a better opportunity to talk about their distinctive qualities and useful properties, and about our potential for cooperation. I would like to wish for the future that such events would continue, that they would be more widely covered in the media, for an even greater flow of targeted visitors, that the results of this exhibition would turn into successful contracts, and that the representation of our products on the Kazakhstani market would increase.

Kristina Schastnaya, Export Manager, MICROWORLD:

We came to Astana for the InterFood Astana exhibition with our amazing product - microgreens. The microgreen growing kit is very interesting, which is now a trend all over the world. Organic, clean, amazing greens that contain vitamins and minerals! We are incredibly impressed by the activity of buyers and distributors who are interested in such a useful product. We are very happy with the organization of the exhibition, everything was done in time. It was beautiful, interesting and we were delighted with the negotiations. We hope that our product will soon appear in the Kazakhstani market.

Olga Denisenko, Leading Specialist of Exhibition Management, BELINTEREXPO:

This is not the first year we participate in the food exhibition InterFood Astana. The national stand of the Republic of Belarus this year includes 4 enterprises. They are three meat processing plants from Grodno, Slonim and Volkovysk and a confectionery factory. Yesterday, Pavel Utyupin, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Kazakhstan, visited our stand and the exhibition. Today we are expecting visits from trade networks, business representatives and distributors to conclude contracts and deals, because that is what the stands are built for. We hope there will be demand and that we will get profitable partnerships and contracts. I would like to express special gratitude to the organizers of our stand for holding this exhibition and organizing additional events for our participants. I hope that it will not be the last time we cooperate with you and that we will come back next year to participate in the exhibition.

Alexander Volkov, Leading Sales Manager, LEBO Professional:

We represent our company at InterFood Astana for the first time, we are very happy to attend this event. We want to introduce our brand to the Kazakhstani market. We have two directions – retail and HoReCa, respectively, we want to get a positive feedback on our product here, and we already get it from visitors who have tried our coffee. We also want to find good partners, so that in the future people will drink our wonderful coffee.  

Vasiliy Tokmakov, Commercial Director, RAIM FOOD LLP:

Our company participates in exhibitions all the time. The trend is that such events provide an opportunity to find clients and new business partners. Yesterday we talked to the participants that the exhibition is a meeting point for clients and sellers. We felt uplifted after the exhibition in Almaty in November 2022. Accordingly, we try not to miss it, that is why we are here. Based on the results of InterFood Astana, we already have partners, new developments, suppliers, and new packages. I think it is great when everyone you need meets in one place. 

Vahagn Gevorkian , Director, Gevorkian Winery LLC:

This is our first time in Kazakhstan, our first time participating in InterFood Astana.  It is a great pleasure to be in your country and in Astana.  We see very great potential for the sale of our wines on your territory. I would like to add that the exhibition is successful and productive. We have already gathered 15-20 contacts, it is 99% that we will sign contracts with them, and we are planning further general distributors and sales. We hope that next year this exhibition will also be held and we will take part in it.

Tatyana Mizyurina, Director General, KREMLIN AWARD:

We represent our company and our products in your market, in Kazakhstan. This is Kremlin Award vodka. We supply vodka to India, China, the UAE, we used to supply to all European Union countries and to America. Our impression of the exhibition: the InterFood Astana exhibition is small, but behind the scenes, everyone is friendly, exchanging experiences and opinions, trying and testing each other's products. Kazakhstan met us very well. Thank you!

Armen Zakaryan, Commercial Director, Yerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory LLC:

At InterFood Astana 2023, we are presenting our plant's products. In general, the exhibition is very productive, we have already had a valid contract in Kazakhstan, and the first batch of our products entered the Kazakhstani market. The aim of participating in this exhibition is to present our product in a new way, to introduce our high-quality products to Kazakhstani clients, so that our products will be presented more widely in Kazakhstan. 


Sabrina Regolo, CEO M.I.N.E. –Business Consulting s.r.l.s.

I take part in the Interfood Astana exhibition together with partners with whom we have been working for a long time. For us and our partners, this is the first participation, but not the last. The InterFood Astana exhibition is a kind of "Welcome to Kazakhstan" showcase for us. I really liked the reaction from the people who came and tasted our products. Their positive reaction says that, firstly, our products are good, and secondly, the market of Kazakhstan can accept completely different, new tastes. We want to take part in the next exhibition in Almaty, which will be held in November. Therefore, you will hear more about us. I am very happy about our participation and the opportunity to be in Kazakhstan.

Bessonov Stanislav, Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs of Technostyle

The InterFood Astana exhibition turned out to be quite unpredictable for us, in a good sense of the word. We are here for the first time and we are presenting our products on the market of Kazakhstan for the first time. This is an indescribable feeling. We already have a major contract concluded, almost all the distribution products have ended. We will continue to work here. The audience showed great interest in our products, which gave even more inspiration and a positive effect from participation.

Polukhin Vladimir, distribution manager "Trapeza"

Our company is a manufacturer of spices and seasonings from Novosibirsk. Throughout Russia, we actively participate in exhibitions for a long time, every year we take part in an exhibition in Moscow. We came to InterFood Astana for the first time. We are very glad to participate. According to my impressions, we managed to hold B2B negotiations with all the declared participants, today we are waiting for a number of important meetings. There are preliminary agreements on cooperation in the market of Kazakhstan. I am glad that among the visitors there were specialized organizations, large buyers. We duly announced our products, told them, gave them a try, so we believe that we definitely did not go in vain. We recommend everyone to take part in the InterFood Astana exhibition and expand the horizons of their work.

Kirdun Elena, marketer of the Minsk Soft Drinks Factory

During three productive days, we were able to introduce everyone to the products of our factory. We focused on our unique drinks – birch juice and fruit drinks. Potential buyers highlighted that this is a unique drink that is useful to detox the body. The exhibition turned out to be very productive, we found potential distributors, partners with whom we hope to conclude agreements and contracts. Therefore, upon returning to the Republic of Belarus, we will work through all the contacts we have received and choose the best option for both a potential partner and for us. Soon, we hope, you will be able to buy our wonderful products at your market. All this is thanks to the InterFood Astana exhibition.