24th Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Foodstuffs, Drinks, Ingredients, Packaging And Equipment For Food Industry»

Astana, Kazakhstan«EXPO» IEC

24th Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Foodstuffs, Drinks, Ingredients, Packaging And Equipment For Food Industry»

Astana, Kazakhstan«EXPO» IEC

Reviews of Interfood Astana 2023 exhibition visitors

Vladimir Zakharov, Head of Sales Department, Tinergy LLP:

We came to the InterFood Astana exhibition because we assume and plan to increase the volume of sales in the Kazakhstani market. Next year, we plan to participate in this exhibition as an exhibitor. The exhibition is interesting from the point of view of end clients. We are planning to visit events of this format in Astana and Almaty at the end of this year, in order to receive feedback from the end clients of our company's products. Our tinplate is used in all packaging intended for the food industry, so we are always interested in exhibitions of this kind. We are thinking of cooperating with the organizer of this exhibition to participate in direct placement of a stand at this exhibition in the future.

Sergey Sharonov, Sales Manager, CIS market LLP:

Our company supplies food ingredients, complex additives and flavorings. We are distributors of SOYUZSNAB from Russia, Krasnogorsk. This is my first time at InterFood Astana, since it is my first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan. I annually participate in the exhibition in Moscow, and I can say that the exhibition in Astana is a high level, just on a smaller scale. Everything is great and the organisation is at a good level. I would like to see more representatives of the medium and small segment. There is a real issue in the market of meat processing. We can observe a real lack of technologist staff in Kazakhstan, and it is very difficult to meet a good technologist, a good producer. When they meet, we are very lucky, we can help each other. This exhibition is a unique chance for people to meet and sign business contracts, because as practice shows, in Kazakhstan, everyone trades, there are many businessmen, but few experts.

Tatiana Voronkina, Director, Phistashka:

I came as part of a large delegation from Karaganda. This is our first time at the exhibition. The exhibition is very interesting, I found a lot of interesting companies I need, met a lot of people.  Thanks a lot to the organizers of InterFood Astana. I hope that we will have a fruitful partnership.

Nadezhda Klassen, Manager, Phistashka:

I came to the InterFood Astana exhibition for the first time, this is a very interesting experience, I found a lot of new things for myself, I tried many different products that are interesting not only for work, but also in everyday life. Thank you very much to the organizers of this exhibition.  

Dana Issatayeva, owner of Dana Desserty:

I am a representative of a chain of coffee shops. The InterFood Astana exhibition is very informative, I found many partners and suppliers, I would like to cooperate in the future with them. I really liked it, the organizers are great, such support for business, for small and medium-sized businesses. Thank you very much!

Madina Amrina, Sales Manager, International Consulting Group LLP:

Our company is engaged in issuing permits for goods, for a manufacturer, for various services. This exhibition is a good platform both for us and for manufacturers. In any case, a foreign manufacturer must be certified in order to distribute their products not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the EU and for export. Therefore, an organization like us is needed, and this platform allows us to find clients, and they can find their suppliers.

Zhomart Jaseken, Damdes LLP:

I am engaged in catering and HoReCa in Astana. The InterFood Astana exhibition is wonderful. It is great that manufacturers from Russia come here from different directions to present their products. As for me, I think there are other markets. Since I was not in Russia, but I was in China, in Europe. In the future I plan to come here, I hope for mutual cooperation.

Vladimir Sochinsky, Development Director, Diva LLP:

Our company has been in the market of Astana and Akmola region for 25 years. We would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition for the excellent organization, for the opportunity to participate in the retail center. We held meetings with a number of domestic and foreign manufacturers. We really hope that soon we will be able to sign contracts, in the future we will put whose products on the shelves of Astana, and in our other branches in Kokshetau, Stepnogorsk, Atbasar.

Reviews of Interfood Astana 2022 exhibition visitors

Lutov Sergey, Development Manager, DoorHan International Concern

I came to the exhibition with the aim of developing our business and finding new solutions. From the good sides of the exhibition, I can note the well–planned location of the stands, good filling of the exposition by participants - all products can be viewed, touched and tasted. The organization is excellent this year, I am glad that more and more business owners understand the importance of being present at such exhibitions.

Ismarova Zarina, "Xinbei group v Kazakhstan's"

The InterFood Astana exhibition is very interesting. I think that such exhibitions should be held as often as possible, because such sites help not only to the development of the industry, but also to the development of Kazakhstan as a whole. There are a lot of interesting manufacturers, all brought their new products and current trends here. We have found a lot of interesting things for our business that we can then apply and sell.

Baishin Arman, representative of an agricultural company

I work in a slightly different industry, not directly in the food industry, but despite this: my colleagues and I found a lot of interesting things. The InterFood Astana exhibition is very good, there are a lot of visual goods and products. The work of the organizers and participants is visible, everything looks large-scale and demonstrative.

Aitenova Danagul, Director of Delta Trade LLP

InterFood Astana exhibition is very interesting and informative, it expands horizons for business. There are a lot of fresh ideas and interesting participants. I am impressed by the level of high organization. Next year we want to take part in your exhibition with our stand.