Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Foodstuffs, Drinks, Ingredients, Packaging And Equipment For Food Industry»

24-26 May 2023

Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Foodstuffs, Drinks, Ingredients, Packaging And Equipment For Food Industry»

24-26 May 2023


The production process in our egg powder production plant is fully automatic. Modern technological line provides a solution for the egg processing industry. The production process involves the following steps: breaking the fresh eggs and seperating the contents of eggs, filtering, pasteurization, cooling, drying, packing and storage of finished products.

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Every stage of production is carefully controlled and monitored. Washing production line is automatic according to CIP system, and the final product is stored in a warehouse. All these characteristics of the production process make our plant competitive on the market in the egg processing industry. The whole production process is controlled by State Sanitary Inspection and Veterinary Inspection.

In the field of quality we want to be perfectionists and from the beginning we put a priority on high product quality. Therefore, we implement in our company the following quality systems:
• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP
• International Food Standard IFS

That is why we can offer the best quality product with wide application in the food industry. CONSUMA specializes also in trading other of food additives. We are a distributor of egg yolk powder and egg white powder. As well as milk powders, cocoa powders and spices. Taking into consideration consumers’ needs and changing trends in egg industry made us the first in Poland to create a range of powdered egg products, which have become an alternative to the traditional eggs and egg powder. These products are designed for specific market segments, such as production of waffles, pasta, noodles, mayonnaise, sauces, dumplings, pancakes, cakes, pies and many others.

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Our years of experience and the changing environmental conditions in the food industry made us to create new plant with advanced production line where we produce fruit lyophilisates and fruit fibres.
We are constantly pursuing a policy of implementation and development of innovative ideas and production processes to fit the current trends and stay updated with the latest world concepts.

We invite specialists to the collective stand of Polish companies No. C-5 from May 29 to May 31, 2019 at the Korme Exhibition Center!

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